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A small group approach to shaping workplace culture

Proven Results, Proven Impact


As an organizational development professional, you understand how important a happier, more emotionally engaged, empowered and connected workplace is in shaping constructive culture.  But just talking about “engagement” or “culture” isn’t enough.  What you need is a proven evidence-based process that will have an immediate “bottom-line” impact on employee engagement and business outcomes.

Developing Systemic Empowered Community


Through a blended learning approach with pre-certification interactive work, meeting presentations, online learning course, role plays and hands-on practice sessions, participants will receive the credentials and experience necessary to moderate and market the Liautaud Institute’s SEMCOTM approach (Systemic Empowered Community) as an organizational development and business solution to your clients.  

Small Groups: The Key to Success

The Liautaud Institute’s programs use a common communication protocol to create forum-like small groups, beginning with leadership and rolling down into the entire organization. 

What Makes This Certification Different?

What Makes This Certification Different?

During The Liautaud Institute Partner Certification program, consultants, coaches, trainers, organizational psychologists and business entrepreneurs will:

  • Experience the SEMCO approach

  • Learn to moderate a group

  • Learn and apply evidence-based Emotional Intelligence Habits

  • Gain business development tools, techniques and best practices to broaden customer reach

  • Acquire knowledge via multiple learning technologies, including experiential and case study application

  • Understand the neuroscience and human behavioral research behind The Liautaud Institute’s group programs

The Neuroscience Connection: Fulfilling the Biogenetic Needs


Our 10 years of research in the fields of neuroscience and human behavior have shown that employees have three basic needs that must be met in order to reach the peak of effectiveness and personal well-being:


They want to be an integral part of everything that affects their job or their workplace. They want to be treated as an equal in the system they serve. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


They have a need to be empowered to make any changes in their job or their

workplace they believe will work to the betterment of their customers or the system they serve.


They want to go home every night, knowing they’ve made a meaningful contribution. They have a high need to be appreciated for making a difference.

Our certification approach is designed to immediately and consistently fulfill the three biogenetic needs where you will feel part of something bigger than yourself, empowered to deliver the SEMCO approach and feel a deeper sense of life and work purpose.

Become certified on the only evidence-based small group forum approach to happier, more effective workplaces.


Each Certification Group is limited to six attendees.


$2500 (early bird discounts available).  This includes onsite Intensive, all materials, access to Habit eLearning course, SEMCO eLearning portal, Moderator/Business Partner Portal, and 10 marketing packets.  

Assessing the Fit

We want to make sure our Partner Certification process is a good fit for you and an amazing solution for our clients.  Therefore, we require a pre-certification phone interview and completion of a Partner Application.  Together, we will determine if the “fit” feels good for both of us.  Our commitment is to be a trusted partner to you, and a positive solution for your business.

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What You Will Experience

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