Best Places to Work

A Culture Study with The Liautaud Institute and Human Synergistics

Has your organization recently received a Best Place to Work award or similar recognition for its commitment to excellence, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, and/or human resource development? 

If so, we would like to invite you to analyze your workplace culture and performance.


First of all, congratulations!  Your employees have communicated that the work environment you’ve created promotes engagement and encourages them to perform at the highest level.  You are clearly committed to the cornerstone of your business—your employees.


Are you still wondering what specifically you are doing right, what can be done to sustain the progress you’ve made, and what you could do to make things even better?  The Liautaud Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate School of Business is partnering with Human Synergistics, the leading provider of culture measurement tools, to help organizations like yours better understand their cultures.  Our study on the cultures of Best Places to Work, using Human Synergistics’ groundbreaking Circumplex-based model, will provide you with a clear picture of your culture and the factors related to it.  The results will provide you with a language for describing your culture, ideas for how you can make it even more constructive, and clear solutions using The Liautaud Institute’s ten years of research in leadership development, emotional intelligence, and team cohesion.


About the Study

The Best Places to Work Culture Study will identify your organization’s Current Culture and profile it against the Ideal Culture identified by your leaders using the Organizational Culture Inventory®.  Additionally, using the Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®, the study will identify the impact the culture is having on organizational and individual outcomes as well as levers you can use to further improve the culture (e.g., changes in systems, structures, leader behaviors).   We will also link the results to agreed upon outcomes such as profitability, retention and innovation.


Perks for Participating


Gain knowledge about how leadership and selected frontline employees perceive the Ideal and Current Cultures, along with the  levers of change that sustain or derail a best place workplace culture.

  • Customized questions to assess outcomes or other factors of interest to your organization.

  • Expertise, project coordination, and seamless service throughout the project by a Dedicated and Accredited Culture Consultant.

  • A customized feedback report detailing results and a two-hour debrief session that includes actionable steps to sustain your Best Place status.

  • Bound white paper of overall study results highlighting your organization’s participation.

  • Recognition of your organization as an industry leader and contributor to the knowledge base on Best Places to Work.

What is Your Investment?


The study will require an investment in time, (estimated ten hours)  and a shared contribution to cover the costs of material and consulting.  The Liautaud Institute and Human Synergistics are discounting their products and consulting by over 50% to conduct the study.  The size of employee participation will be determined during the first project scope meeting with your Cultural Consultant.

To find out more, please fill out the form below, with the subject line: "Best Places to Work Study".

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