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We have dedicated over a decade of research to understanding what organizations need to do in order to develop constructive cultures and create a happy, effective workforce.  Please see our findings in the white papers we currently have available:

Three Things Employees Want More Than Just Money

While money is the basic motivator at the workplace, what else do organizations need to provide in order to maintain loyalty and ensure that employees feel fulfilled at work?  According to a recent study, out of close to 700 managers interviewed, only 8% understood what motivates employees in their organizations. So besides extrinsic motivations such as salary and benefits, what are the top intrinsic (emotional) motivators and expectations employees have when it comes to the world of work?  This white paper reviews psychological and neuroscience research regarding the top three intrinsic motivators within organizations.

Six Reasons Why Up to 70% of Leadership Training Fails

U.S. businesses spend more than $164.2 billion dollars on learning and development programs annually.  However, our research shows only 20% of these dollars result in transfer of learning or directly impact the bottom line.  Why?  This white paper reviews research that provides a mixed review on the return of a training investment, reviews the standards of training transfer, and then introduces the six reasons why leadership training fails.

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