The SEMCO Solution


SEMCO(Systemic Empowered Communities)

an approach to workforce optimization based on leading human behavioral research.


They want to go home every night knowing they've made a meaningful contribution.


 They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


They want to be able to make changes in their job or workplace that will benefit their customers or the system they serve.

As the SEMCO Approach's unique process unfolds, employees will find their three biogenetic needs met:

Developing Innovative and Empowered Teams

Watch how it works: 

As a result, teams that implement our processes will be better able to engage with each other, participate in the decision-making process and contribute in a meaningful way.


Andrea Herrera

President & Brand Evangelist

Amazing Edibles

"This approach has had a profound impact on me and my company.  In the past I have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders in challenging times.  I no longer feel that way.  My team has stepped up, shown their commitment to Amazing Edibles and this process and I truly feel that I have a leadership team blazing a path forward into our future.  What an incredible gift."


Who is the SEMCO Approach for?

The SEMCO Approach is for teams within companies.  It is designed to start with the leadership team and cascade throughout the entire organization, and we have found success with the following team types:

  • C-Suite

  • Department-level

  • Cross-functional

  • Onboarding Pods for New Employees

What will SEMCO do for your organization?

Our approach starts by creating deeply connected Systemic Empowered Communities of 6-8 people.  The learned processes and habits build a culture of membership, empowerment and meaning, breaking down barriers and developing a collaborative environment to create innovative solutions to improve each member's job, company and personal life.  Through this process, we:

  • Boost synergy by increasing trust within the organization.

  • Improve bottom-line results quickly by optimizing the way employees solve issues and work together.

  • Foster innovation by increasing participatin in the decision-making process.

  • Reduce the cost-per-employee by creating self-managed constructive cultures.

  • Implement a sustainable evidence-based process to create consistent positive behavior change, rooted in over a decade of neuroscience and human behavioral research.

What does the SEMCO Process Look Like?

Post-Phase II: Building a Culture

of Membership, Empowerment

& Meaning

Phase II:  Strengthening You & Your Organization

Focus on Empowerment & Meaning

Phase I:

Building Your

Core Foundation

Focus on Membership

Phase I: Building Your Core Foundation

By Creating a Synergistic Team

The foundation is built for a successful team by deepening the bond between members.  Group members increase self-awareness of their journey and explore and present their biggest issue.  The group develops a sense of membership by following an evidence-based communication process that creates an environment of vulnerability and trust.

Logistics: 2-hour Orientation, 2 full-day retreats

Phase II: Strengthening You & Your Organization

By Providing Tools for Meaningful Change

Each member is empowered to make incremental changes in their company, career, or well-being, knowing they have the support of the group.  Members will develop their coaching and innovation skills by empowering others to create meaningful improvements in a psychologically safe environment that supports and inspires innovation.  Members also integrate Emotional Intelligence communication habits into their interactions in and out of the workplace.

Logistics: 2-hour Orientation, four 2-hour Improvement Sessions, 1 half-day retreat

Post-Phase II: Building a Culture of Membership, Empowerment & Meaning

By Taking Ownership of the Process

Group members take ownership of the improvement process and habit development started in Phase II, now completely self-managed by the team.

Logistics: Sessions continue customized to business needs.

Tools to Enhance Engagement

The SEMCO Approach includes tools to enhance engagement in the process:

  • Individual coaching with a certified Liautaud Institute coach to explore each member's biggest leadership issue.

  • Peer-to-peer coaching to facilitate trust and provide feedback on improvement ideas.

  • Experiential activites and hand-on exercises for practice and deeper learning.

  • Online and mobile resources for Emotional Intelligence habits, including an online course and the Liautaud Institute's HabitTracker app for iPhone and Android.

  • Pre and post assessments to measure synergy within the group.

  • Resources that illustrate the neuroscience and behavioral research behind the communication and improvement development processes.


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