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The Residual Impact For Our Participants:
Hear From Our Graduates

"...helped me to redefine success."
Michele Gustin, President, Fig Media

"...learned how to build a trusting environment."
Tim Heitman, CEO, Popcorn Palace

"...learned how to be a happier me."
Andrea Herrera, President,
Amazing Edibles Gourmet Catering ​

"...Learned the power of being vulnerable."

Richard Harris, Vice President, Guilford Performance Textiles 

"...the principles help me anytime I need to collaborate or negotiate."
Stephen Hersh, Owner, Lightbulb Strategy and Research

"....became a better listener."
Pete Balistreri, CEO, US Gold Inc.

"...continue to use what I learned daily."
Ken Kadleck, REO & Acquired Loan Portfolios Manager,

First Midwest Banks

"...Never opened up anymore in my life."
Gerry Allen, VP of Operations, 
Ed Miniat, Inc.  

"..learned how to become more patient."
Glen Diehl, CFO & VP of Operations, Globe Union Group Ltd.

"...deeper awareness of me."
Michael Algrim, Director Business Banking, First National Bank of Omaha

"...totally opposite of what I expected."
Bob Tucibat, Sr. Project Manager, Lawson Products

"...learned the impact of positive body language."
In Memorium, Dr. Larry Grimm, Director Emritus of Graduate Studies Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

"...never experienced anything like this."
Tom Bukevicius, CEO, Supero Media

"...more connected to my adult children." 
 -Ed Zemen, Chairman, Zemen Homes  

"...learned how to relate faster and deeper."
Cary Chessick, Retired CEO,

"...better leader and a better spouse."
Paul Darley,  CEO, W.S Darley & Co. 

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